A Take Care Hair Affair

In the salon industry there are so many different product lines that flood the market. Right now the industry is facing a major crisis in retail. Many of the top nation brands are showing up in super markets and drugstores.  The term ” Sold only in professional salons” is becoming more and more obsolete.

There is an answer to the call of salon owners and their salons. Private label. This is a solution that helps salons and their owners in more than one way. First and foremost, it is an exclusive line and will not turn up in super markets or drugstores. Private label also helps salon owners market their brand in an effective, but also creative way. It creates excitement again amongst the jaded salon owners.

Looking into private label can sometimes be overwhelming. The salon owner is now in charge of selecting a company they trust, selecting products for their line, fragrance, packaging, and the list goes on. Asking what is important to you and your salon is going to make answering these questions easier.

SLI Beauty creates organic/natural sulfate free, paraben free professional hair care products. Many of our clients not only stand behind what our products represent, but also like that we are completely confidential and do not disclose who our clients are. This keeps the traditional meaning of private label intact.

Products are created from the highest quality ingredients. Using essential oils and tinctures to enhance the benefits of the products separates SLI Beauty from our competition. Also, the fact that SLI is a completely customizable solution. You get to pick your packaging, fragrance, closures, design,etc.  SLI Beauty does not keep products sitting on our shelves. All of our clients orders are “made to order”. That way you know every products is made fresh.

Having a project manager assigned to your product line ensures that all of your needs are being met and questions are being answered. If that isn’t enough, our senior chemists are on hand to answer any questions or help you through any formulations, because we also offer research and development for our clients. If you have a product you love, send us a sample and we will reformulate it so that it becomes a part of your product line.

We also offer marketing solutions to help our clients market their lines to its fullest potential. Making sure that you are armed with all the necessary education and tools is how SLI Beauty manages the product lines it partners with you to create.

If you are thinking about private label, contact SLI Beauty to find out more information.

Phone: 1 (888) 595-7999
Email: info@salonlabel.com
Web: www.salonlabel.com

We look forward to speaking with you very soon!

SLI Beauty Team