Prestige Beauty Sales Jump 12%

Model leaning on sideboard showcasing Luxury Private Label Hair Products

If you have been sitting on the sidelines thinking about whether it’s the best time to start a new prestige private label hair product line, you might want to consider getting started sooner than later. Using prestige department store sales figures as a proxy for the trends independent salons, spas, and direct distribution sales, we can expect to see greater demand for high-end haircare products.

According to a leading industry analyst, The NPD Group, sales of prestige beauty products in US department stores jumped by 12%, an increase of about $2.6 billion the first quarter of 2013.

Makeup and skin care and sales led the way with an increases of 41% and 38% respectively.

“Gains are happening in many areas, including sets and kits, and are making a large impact…driven by premium offerings, over $100,” said Karen Grant, vice president and global industry analyst, The NPD Group, Inc.

We are optimistic and expect to see continuing demand for high-end beauty products. Consumers are willing to pay the premium for hair products that deliver more on multiple dimensions of performance. This includes using exotic ingredients including essential oils for aromatherapeutic effects and high-end performance oils such as Argan, Macadamia, and Almond oil to nourish, add shine and defeat frizz . covers 8 brand’s new hair oils. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite oils for hair in our poll.

6 thoughts on “Prestige Beauty Sales Jump 12%

  1. Been reaching out to you. Are my emails getting to you? And when are you available to chat? Need to move forward and I want to bring more clients

    Pardon typos and messages sent in haste. Sent from my iPhone

    • Great to hear from you! Hope things have been going well. The last email that I have from you is dated March 1. We’d love to help you get the show on the road. Please call me at 888-595-7999.

  2. I am surprised…
    You have time to post a blog but you don’t have time to answer an email, contact your customers who ask for a quote and AFTER MONTHS of pestering you to get this information from you.. WHY don’t you spend more time HELPING your clients first instead of BRAGGING about how to start a product line..
    After the agony of dealing with you…I feel sorry for any small business who decides to get involved with this “new” company.

  3. I have come up with an hair product that brings hair back. I really don’t know where to began on starting my hair line…Everyday people and shops are asking for it. I feel as if is a #1 because of the results it gives…..where do I bega????

  4. I once checked your line but because if distance in Canada but now I am ready to work with you guys and excited after intense research I perfer u better

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