Private Label Hair Care – 10 Reasons Why You Should Create Your Own Brand

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Okay, you have heard the buzz about Private Label Hair products or you wouldn’t be here.

We already know that we have your attention. So why should you spend the time and money to create your own line of Professional Hair Care Products?

I will give you 10 Reasons:

10.  Brand Loyalty – Your clients cannot get your products anywhere else, which can turn into better client retention – why sell something your clients can get elsewhere?

9.  No Diversion – For a manufacturer producing millions of units for one of the big professional companies, it is way too tempting to make a few extra dollars selling it out the back door.

8.  Diversion is Really a Myth – Diversion is a diversion away from what is really happening in the big professional companies.  From a corporate point of view, the CEO of Brand X Professional Hair Care out of New York answers to the Shareholders of the Company – not to stylists, salon owners or even their distributors.  If he or she refused to sell an extra 10 Million units this year to mass retailers, the axe would fall and he or she would be in your salon hoping you can make them look good for their next job interview.

7.  You Have to Buy the Whole Line Up Front – When you bring in a new line, you are likely asked to buy the whole line of products even though you know some of them will never sell – what a complete waste of time and money and a way to lose customers should they buy one of those inferior products.

6.  Your Choice of Fragrance – When was the last time somebody at L’Oreal called you up to ask what fragrance you want in your color shampoo?  Oh right, it never happened.  These are your products and you have the ability to use fragrances or essential oils (for the natural approach) that you know your clients will like.

5.  Your Choice of Botanical Ingredients – You know what new natural extracts are hot and you can have them in your products – not just for marketing, but for true performance enhancement.

4.  Your Choice of Packaging – Whether you are looking for chic or retro, there are many styles of packaging to suit your tastes in creating your vision.

3.  Test the Waters – You can start with one or just a few products and if something isn’t working, you can change it on the next order.

2.  New Product Idea? – Haven’t seen it, it doesn’t exist – tell your Chemist.  Research and Development is what we Chemists live for.  Challenge us to make you the hottest new thing on the market and make the lion’s share of the profits.

The number one reason to create your own line – No, it’s not ego, but that IS important – the number one reason is:

1.  Make More Money – Yes, I know, it doesn’t sound like the lofty and noble cause you left school with, but it is what we do every day – we sell every single day and if you are in business, it is the number one thing you should be doing – and your staff – we will get to that in the next blog.

With your own brand of Professional Hair Care Products, you will make up to 50% more profit or better than selling the big brands and you will be selling better, more natural products that actually work.

Seriously, wouldn’t it be awesome to see your products with your name and your ideas in your salon? How amazing would it feel to hear your friends say, “Darling, I was shopping at Sephora a just saw your products!” Never underestimate how cool it is to be one of the few people who actually turns ideas into products.

We’ve got a team of chemists that love turning ideas into products. Check us out at or contact us at 1.888.595.7999 OR

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  1. thanks James,hope we can have a good start in our business, Jack from Guangzhou Lianhe Cosmetics Machinery

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