Private Label Hair Products with Choice

Private Label Hair Products
Hello hair salon owners, stylists and brand managers. Do you know what separates SLI Beauty from other private label hair product labs? Choice!

At SLI Beauty, we give you the greatest choice with some of the lowest minimums. We are chaning the game! It is not necessary to start with Minimum Order Quantities of 1000-5000 units per SKU. Get customized products direct from our lab at only 250 units per product!


Colourful Shampoo Bottles


Fragrance spray

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

With your own choice of packaging, fragrance and/or essential oils, there are over 10,000 possible combinations in each product. Now, that’s choice!

Give us a call and we’ll get you started – 1.888.595.7999.

Thanks for your time.

Phone: 1 (888) 595-7999

We are looking forward to speaking with you soon!
SLI Beauty Team

6 thoughts on “Private Label Hair Products with Choice

  1. I am interested in creating a natural black hair/skin care line, I was wondering if this is something that can be accomplished through your company?

    • Yes, we can certainly create products for black hair and skin. We do not at this time have our skin care products listed online, but we do have a couple of hair care sample kits for what we call natural and textured (black) hair. Please go to and click on Sample Kits. There are 2 kits there for that hair type. If you call us at 1.888.595.7999, one of our team will be able to assist you with the skin care products.

  2. Hi, I am interested in my own private label hair care range. For funding I am doing a business plan and I have to give financial evidence and forecasts. I would be very grateful for help with this information if you have prices etc.
    Many thanks

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