Hot Hair Ingredients

Beneficial Oils

Hippocrates observed an incredible link between food and wellness all the back to around 350 BC. It seems that some of these old guys might have had a few good ideas.

In this post, we’re going “back to the future” to see what’s next for hot hair ingredients. Buckle up and let’s go…

Hot Ingredients In Private Label Hair Products

One of the biggest questions that we get asked all the time is, “What ingredients should I use to not only benefit my clients’ hair, but also help with my marketing?”.

So, what’s the new HOT ingredients? Look to your health food store and then your make-up counter.

Without giving away the answer, one way to predict what give gain you traction in the market is to look at similar industries that follow the similar trends.  The most obvious are natural food ingredients which eventually feed (no pun intended) into skin care products.


Remember that old guy, Hippocrates, he famously said, “Let food be your medicine!” Since skin absorbs some of the ingredients in cosmetics right into the body – kind of like eating food – there should be no great surprise that the good stuff from the health food store eventually makes its way into (at least the marketing of) skin care products.  From this point, it’s no quantum leap for those new skin care ingredients to find their way into hair care products.

Anointing With Oil

History has many records of people being annointed with oils to mark important passages of life, health, and transition to new worlds. More recently, one of the most celebrated examples oil being used to promote health are the Omega Oils found in fish and Hemp Seed Oil – see our last blog on The Power Oils.

Pure Genius

Way, way back in the day, the great philosopher Aristotle, left us with these words, “there was never a genius without a tincture of madness.” Other than oils, tinctures and botanical extracts are the ingredients that are lighting up the shelves in the Health Food Stores are Goji Berry and Acai Berry.  These have already started moving into hair care products. The genius is that these are perfect for products that need to have organic ingredients.

At SLI Beauty, we can help you with what’s new, what works and how to take advantage of this knowledge to create or improve upon your line of Professional Hair Care Products.

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